What happened when I opened an Etsy shop in February 2021

In February 2021 (the very end of it at least) I opened an Etsy shop selling social media templates on a whim.

I had bought these kind of templates to use in my other business and always thought how genius of a business model it was & I was in a creative slump so I decided to try it; honestly not expecting much. I thought maybe 100 bucks a month would be cool.

Guys. I did 1K my first month.

I did 5K+ this month (August 2021!)

I started opening more shops in different niches and was able to expand my business even more! I now have 4 shops running and I've been able to 'rinse and repeat' so I started sharing my success and tips on Tiktok to help others do the same!

Who doesn't need an extra bit of cash right?

You can download my starter ebook here; but I want to give you a quick run down in this post too!

Step one: Market research.

There are soooooo many softwares out there that make this super-duper easy; so utilize them!! I'll link some of my favs below; I personally use Sale Samurai & Marmalead the most.

  • Sale Samurai

  • Marmalead

  • Erank

  • Alura

Step two: Decide what to sell

You might be thinkin DUH but hey it's true! After doing your research pick which one stands out to you; if you're not really interested in what you're selling then you're not going to be motivated to work on it.

Step three: Open your shop

Open your shop! Use your market research to make sure you're using all the right SEO!

Step four: Use Pinterest

I'm a big believer that you don't NEED social media to be successful but pinterest is a search engine; it's connected to google and is amazing for driving traffic to your site!

You can learn my proven step-by-step system inside my online video course as well!

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