What you should be selling on Etsy in 2021

I'm making 4K-6K a month selling digital products on Etsy and it's 100% possible for you too.

It comes down to a few things;





If you can check all of those boxes then you're going to have a lot more chance at success like I did!

Let's go over a few things that are working for me right now. Yes, things I actually have tested and actively sell.

  1. Social media templates

  2. Showit websites

  3. ebook templates

  4. Digital business cards

  5. Resumes

  6. Media kits

  7. Mockups

You can create most of these by using a free tool called Canva. You can start your free trial here.

The nice thing about this too is that you can start generating income pretty quickly; I got my first sale within the first 7 days of opening my shop when I only had a few items in it.

I've since gone on to open several shops in different niches and it's been a huge blessing to my family!

I've created a free starter guide for you as well to help give you a head start!

You got this!!


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